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About the Company

Since 1998 GET Marketing has provided a meaningful connection among our valued armed forces, the Military Exchange System and the wholesale product industry. We serve those who serve by providing logistical support, first rate service and global merchandise representation in the worldwide military retail channel. GET Marketing works with you, the manufacturers and retail partners, to grow your customer base within the military retail channels. Through our service representatives worldwide, we integrate superior products, training and quality-of-life programs at a competitive price that maximizes your brands’ profitability and exposure.

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GET Marketing offers the best…from the best…for the best. GET Marketing is proud to represent a variety of products that include computers, accessories, automotive hardware, small appliances, housewares, softlines, hardlines, impulse consumables, along with wine and spirits. These products are making a huge impact in the military market’s contribution to Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR Programs). CHEERS to our current partnerships and welcome to the up and coming products and brands! What is your Military Broker doing for you?

As a manufacturers' representative agency, GET Marketing helps deliver exceptional results for brands within the military retail systems which include:

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