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Program Management

We take pride that we set high priorities, focus energy and resources to ensure that our team and partners are working toward excellence. We do this by setting strategic goals to establish the intended results that you need in response to a changing market.

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Client Relations

One of the greatest honors is to work along side the alignments and relationships we have established throughout the growth of our business. With our long history and understanding and working with our target market, we are able to help you focus your business.

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Retail Services

We offer a wide variety of brand recognition services within our retail partners. Choose from our extensive menu of services to meet your needs and goals. We pride ourselves on understanding and communicating with every area of the market to achieve the goals set.

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Logistics Consulting

We manage every area of your experience from headquarters to the field and within the store. We have vast experience guiding our clients through the unique requirements of our retail partners. Whether shipping products or promotional materials and items we have the best solution for you.

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The Best Marketing Services,
Data & Analysis

With the keys to unlocking your market potential, GET Marketing provides retail channel solutions that deliver a competitive edge within the retail military demographic. We leverage the same data the retailers use in conjuction with our boots on the ground to help determine the best course of action for your company. By leveraging what our field force reports along with hard sales data, we can develop a strategy to increase your sales and market share.

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Save Your Time with Us

Offload some of your workload onto us. You could have us demonstrate your product in the stores or just do inventory counts. We can also manage the business for you from top to bottom.

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The Highest Quality Services

We have a dedicated team of proffessionals working toward a common goal. Proof of performance is key. We will set goals and provide documentation of our progress

What Clients Say

Thank you again Jim, Rodney and team for providing such an outstanding level of support for all of our Military accounts. Yesterday at NEXCOM's annual training event, GET Marketing was again awarded the Best In-Store Support of all computing manufacturer's. Of course, we all know that you guys are the BEST but it is still nice to be recognized on an ongoing manner by NEXCOM. We really appreciate your dedication!
-Carla Saviano Hewlett Packard Consumer Sales

GET Marketing provided exceptional service and support for HP's military retail accounts, AAFES, Nexcom and Marine Corps. The company always went above and beyond to ensure the accounts and the customers received the best possible service and support. The team came up with many creative solutions that were customized to meet the needs of these unique accounts in the U.S and World Wide.
- Kelly Winward Hewlett Packard Consumer Support

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